Viewing Assigned Routes

The Assigned Routes that have been Accepted by you (the Carrier), are accessible at any time under the Execution section of the Main Menu.

All Routes that have been accepted will appear in Assigned Routes.

Assigned Route Status Codes

Awaiting assignment from Company

Load has not yet been picked up

Load has been picked up and is in transit


Description automatically generated

Delivery has been completed and proof-of-delivery documents have not been uploaded.

Text, whiteboard

Description automatically generated

Delivery is complete, supporting documents have been uploaded. Carrier and Company are reviewing cost/invoice details.

Review is completed and Company must close when ready.

Viewing Assigned Routes

To view the details of a specific route click the checkbox on the left of the Route # and then select Preview Route or View Details.

Route Details

From within View Details you can quickly see all relevant Route information, including the status of various items including Drop status, as well as the overall route progress.