Tender Requests

Tender Requests requests will be visible in Surgeship and will also be transmitted via email for review.

Tender Review - When Company submits an automatic tender, a time limit will be set for you to accept or reject the load. You will also have an opportunity to review cost and request an adjustment if necessary.

Responding to a Tender

Carrier Tender Options:

  • Request Modification- Update cost or include additional line items. This request will be sent back to the Company for approval or rejection. *For multi-stop shipments, costs may be associated to each specific delivery location.

  • Reject - Decline the tender

  • Accept - Accept the tender

You can also use the Active Chat window at the bottom of the screen to send a message to the Company if required.


- Carriers are expected to review each Route Assignment in detail and confirm expected costs.

- Any cost modifications can be sent using Request Modification.

- If you (the Carrier) and the Company have agreed to specific rates outside of Surgeship, the Company will be responsible for assigning the specified route to you (the Carrier). You will receive a notification of Route Assignment acceptance, by-passing the formal assignment process.

- Additional costs incurred after the pick-up date can be added during the Invoicing process within the allotted time specified by the Company.

Carrier Tender: Request Modification

Carrier Tender : Accepted and Chat

Route Assignment

Route Assignment is located under Execution in the main menu.

Route Assignment allows you to view all Routes pending tender acceptance.

The Assignment History tab allows you to see past assignments.

Each row in the Grid contains route specific information. To view Route details and perform Route specific actions click the checkbox to the left of the Route # and click Preview Route or View Assignment.

Preview Route

This modal will provide a preview of the Route details.

View Assignment / Route Assignment

This modal will open the Route Assignment tender details window.

Route Details

Selecting the Route Details button will bring you to the assigned Route details page which includes all details about the route and drops, including Messaging and Map view.