Instant Messaging / Active Chats

Carrier and Company can communicate in real-time using the Messages feature.

Messaging can be accessed through the following areas:

  1. The Messages option in the Main Menu. All messages will be accessible here.
  2. By clicking the Messages Notification icon in the Reference Menu. All messages will be accessible here.
  3. Via the Route Preview modal (for a specific Route)
  4. Via Route Assignment Details page (for a specific Route)

❗️Carriers are expected to communicate via the Active Chats module rather than email.

The Active Chats function supports route specific messaging for:

1. Internal Chat - Messages between Carrier staff including dispatch, drivers, finance.

2. External Chat - Messages to the Company.


Portal Notifications

Along with email notifications, the Reference Menu > Notifications icon will indicate when there are new notifications.

The Notifications dropdown will summarize the information and categorize it based on type. Clicking View All Notifications will display a summary of all notifications.

Email Notifications

Requests and actionable updates will be sent via email. Action can be taken by clicking the link within the email message which will redirect you to the appropriate page within the Surgeship.