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An overview of relevant information, recent sets, schedules and analytics.

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Access to the Messages page which allows internal communication as well as Communication with Carriers.


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Access to Execution functions such as: Active Routes, Closed Routes, Route Assignment and relevant Documents.

Route Assignment – View all Routes and their current Status.

Assigned Routes – View Routes that are active.

Uploaded Documents – View Drop status, associated documents, invoicing and history.

Pick-up Schedule – View Schedule, Active Appointments, Appointments needed.
Closed Routes – View Routes that have been completed.

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Update user account and settings and Manage users.

Reference Menu

At the top right of the screen the user has access the option to Search, Help, Full Screen mode, quickly preview relevant Notifications, access Messages and modify their Profile details.

Site-wide searches can now be conducted to find routes that contain your search query. For example: you can enter a sales order number or into the search bar and quickly identify the route(s) that contain it. Things you can search for: Sales Order, Purchase Order, Route ID.
Access to support and related documentation.
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Messaging quick access
Custom Filtering & Saved Views
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Actions Button

For all Routes that have been accepted, the Actions menu will provide relevant actions based on the current status of the route.

Example of Actions

Example of Actions for status: AcceptedExample of Actions for status: In ProgressExample of Actions for status(es): Completed, Awaiting Documentation
Example of Actions for status(es): Completed, In Review

Actions Button Options

View Assignment Displays the Current Assignment's Tender agreement.
Review Pick-up Appointment Schedule Pick-up appointment or review pick-up appointment details.

Complete Check Calls 

Complete check calls for each drop/deliver location
View Completed Documentation View your invoice to the Company & documentation including POD's that have been uploaded.
Upload Documentation
All deliveries have been completed. Time to upload documentation.

Create Invoice 

Create your final invoice, including assessorial charges for submission to the Company for approval.

View Invoice 

View your invoice and its status.